Where was The Longest Ride filmed? (2024)

Where was The Longest Ride filmed? (1)

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Where was The Longest Ride filmed? (2) City Locations

Wilmington (USA), Jacksonville (USA), Wallace (USA), Winston-Salem (USA)

Where was The Longest Ride filmed? (3) Location Types

Museum, College, House, Hotel

Where was The Longest Ride filmed? (4) Location Styles

Modern Building, Modern Car, Retro, Ranch Style, University, Beachfront

About The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride is a captivating romantic drama that intertwines the lives of two couples from different eras, showcasing the power of love and the challenges it faces. The film, based on the bestselling novel by Nicholas Sparks, explores the blossoming relationship between Luke Collins, a former champion bull rider seeking to make a comeback, and Sophia Danko, an art student about to embark on her dream job in New York City.

Following their first date, they assist an elderly guy called Ira Levinson after witnessing an accident. This is when their story takes an unexpected turn. They discover a box containing letters written by Ira to his late wife, Ruth. The letters describe their profound and lasting love, which began in the early 1900s. As they discover more about his background, Luke and Sophia gain ideas and advice from Ira's memories. This helps them resolve challenges in their friendship.

The Longest Ride interweaves these two love stories against the stunning backdrop of North Carolina. It demonstrates how relationships built through love can withstand time and hardship. The film does an excellent job of explaining what it means to work hard, persevere, and share your life with others.

The film is entertaining and informative because it depicts how different the worlds of professional bull riding (rough and energetic) and collecting art and history are. A metaphor for the character's inner feelings and their attempts to strike a balance between their hobbies and those they care about.

The Longest Ride is an excellent contribution to the romantic film genre because it depicts how difficult love can be and how crucial memories are in creating our lives.

The Longest Ride Locations

The Longest Ride is set in North Carolina, which features stunning countryside and vibrant communities. The film was shot in several well-known locations in North Carolina, including Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Asheville, and the Yadkin River Valley. Each location was unique and contributed to the movie's storyline. These locations are significant to the plot because they are beautiful, have a rich history, and are home to various civilizations.

The majority of the images were taken in Raleigh and Wilmington. Wilmington features stunning ocean vistas and a coastal ambiance that complements Winston-Salem's tall trees and antique buildings. Asheville, with its gorgeous mountain scenery, and the Yadkin River Valley, North Carolina's largest wine region, helped set the mood and tone for various film segments.

Whether you enjoy The Longest Ride or want to see some gorgeous landscapes, these North Carolina attractions are worth seeing. Aside from Wilmington's tranquil beaches, there is plenty to see and do. The Yadkin Valley boasts undulating hills, whereas Winston-Salem feels like a city. People may view where some of the film's most popular sequences were shot. People can experience the best of North Carolina while immersed in the filmmaking industry.

Luke and Sophia help an old man scene in The Longest Ride

Cape Fear Community College, 411 N Front St, Wilmington, NC

During a PBR event, Luke Collins (Scott Eastwood), a professional bull rider, meets Sophia Danko (Britt Robertson), an art student from Wake Forest University who attended the event. As they return from their first date, they encounter a car accident in the forest and help save an elderly guy (Alan Alda) trapped inside the car, finding a box full of letters.

Cape Fear Community College (CFCC), in the middle of Wilmington, North Carolina, is a shining example of higher education. It has some of the best programs and affordable ways to do well in school and your job. CFCC offers a wide range of associate degrees and professional certifications. It has a lively student life; nearly 23,000 students join each year. It's a place where students can begin their journey, whether they want to transfer to four-year colleges or start fulfilling jobs immediately.

Major roads make it easy for people to get to the Cape Fear Community College. Take 23rd St. south toward Airport Blvd from Wilmington International Airport. Follow all road directions till you reach your destination.

Sophia impresses the New York exhibitor scene in The Longest Ride

Cameron Art Museum, 3201 S 17th St, Wilmington, NC

As Sophia (Britt Robertson) walks inside the gallery, her eyes light up with excitement at the prospect of seeing a prominent New York exhibitor, a chance encounter that may launch her art career. Sophia's love and understanding of art history are showcased in the gallery, filled with inventive and captivating items. Each piece, from abstract paintings to elaborate sculptures, conveys a tale of hardship, victory, and the never-ending desire for expression, mirroring Sophia's path.

In Wilmington, North Carolina, the Cameron Art Museum is a shining example of how to learn about art and culture. This museum has been around since 1962 and has many high-quality exhibitions, training programs, and community events. It is central for art lovers and the local community to unite.

From downtown Wilmington, follow directions to S 16th St, and keep going for about 3 miles. After that, turn right onto S 17th St. After half a mile, the museum will be on your right, ready to welcome you to a world of amazing art.

The flashback with Ira and Ruth scene in The Longest Ride

100-116 S 4th St, Wilmington, NC

Ira (Jack Huston) and Ruth (Oona Chaplin) walk home from the neighborhood synagogue, a location that highlights not only their cultural heritage but also the deeply ingrained rituals that determine their relationship. This personal moment reflects the heart of their relationship, emphasizing the common ideals and mutual respect that underpin their love.

South 4th Street in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a beautiful and famous street that shows off the city's charm. This neighborhood is known for its well-kept homes and green, tree-lined streets. It's a peaceful escape from the city. This is a spot where history and technology meet, and both tourists and locals are welcome to explore its unique mix of Southern heritage, beautiful architecture, and Wilmington's friendly, open spirit.

To reach 100-116 S 4th St, go north toward Shipyard Blvd. After leaving Shipyard Blvd, follow directions until you reach downtown, and then right on S 4th St. The place you want to go will be on your left, in the charming historic area of Wilmington.

Ira and Ruth at the party scene in The Longest Ride

Greystone Inn, 100 S 3rd St, Wilmington, NC

Ira (Jack Huston) and Ruth (Oona Chaplin) are engrossed in the sparkling atmosphere of a fancy 1940s party. This scene, full of historical fascination and romantic nostalgia, depicts the couple as they effortlessly maneuver the dance floor, "cutting a rug" with ease and delight that transcends the era. Their movements are more than just dances; they are expressions of their love and camaraderie, set against a soundtrack of laughter, music, and glass-clinking.

The Greystone Inn in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a gem of hospitality, exuding charm and elegance from every corner. Nestled within a historic neighborhood, this boutique inn offers guests a unique blend of traditional Southern grace and modern comforts. Each room is meticulously decorated, providing a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Ideal for travelers seeking a tranquil retreat, the Greystone Inn promises an unforgettable experience steeped in the rich cultural tapestry of Wilmington.

To reach 100 S 3rd St, Wilmington, NC, from Wilmington International Airport, head south on Airport Blvd, and merge onto N 23rd St. Follow directions to the heart of downtown Wilmington. The destination is on the right, near the intersection with Chestnut St, offering a close glimpse into the city's historic charm.

Levinson's house scene in The Longest Ride

Webb-Rankin House, 312 Dock St, Wilmington, NC

We are brought into the intimate world of Ira (Jack Huston) and Ruth (Oona Chaplin) Levinson's house, filled with love, memories, and the tangible presence of their long-standing friendship. This scene perfectly depicts the spirit of their existence together, emphasizing the physical space they share and the emotional depth and understanding that has developed between them over time.

The Webb-Rankin House in Wilmington, North Carolina, stands as a beacon of historical architecture and Southern heritage. Built in the late 19th century, this majestic residence showcases the distinctive Queen Anne style, characterized by its ornate detailing, spacious porches, and asymmetrical design. Now a cherished landmark, the house not only reflects the rich history of Wilmington but also serves as a testament to its era's enduring beauty and craftsmanship.

To visit the Webb-Rankin House, start from Wilmington International Airport. Head south on Airport Blvd towards downtown. Take a right onto Dock St, and shortly thereafter, you will find the historic house on your left, a jewel of Queen Anne architecture nestled in the heart of Wilmington.


The Longest Ride finishes in a wonderful fusion of history and the present, weaving together the love tales of two couples from different generations. As the film nears its poignant finale, the impact of Ira and Ruth's enduring love story is a guiding light for Luke and Sophia, illustrating love's ability to transcend time and circ*mstance.

The film vividly depicts various breathtaking places, from the rolling hills and vibrant rodeo scenes in North Carolina to the tranquil, sandy expanses of Caswell Beach. Each setting offers visual richness while also mirroring the characters' emotional environments. Wilmington's quaint streets and the rural beauty of Black Mountain College serve as settings to accentuate the tale, making The Longest Ride a visually and emotionally compelling experience.

This cinematic voyage leaves spectators thinking about love's ageless essence and the beauty of shared experiences.

Where was The Longest Ride filmed? (2024)
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