[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (2024)

There’s a massive disparity between the best teams in Madden and those who are just barely good enough to achieve victory. Certain squads are home to multiple 90+ rated X-Factor Superstars, while others fail to make the cut. Whether you’re an offensive mastermind or a defensive juggernaut, these are the 10 best teams to play with in Madden 23.

10. Minnesota Vikings

[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (1)Minnesota's roster is full of elite talent on both sides of the ball.

The Purple People Eaters haven’t been the most successful team in recent years, but they continue to draft elite offensive talent that makes them an exciting option in Madden. Their defense is led by veteran safety Harrison Smith, who has commanded the secondary for 11 straight seasons. The Vikings have a modest team rating but are a blast to use in Madden 23.

The Vikings are about as well-balanced a team as they come. Despite having a relatively average quarterback in Kirk Cousins, their roster supports two X-Factor Superstars on the offensive end. Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook form a dynamic duo of 90+ rated stars that can be depended on to consistently make big plays.

Cousins has the arm strength to lob passes deep into opponent territory, while Cook can break off big runs in the blink of an eye. And there’s no question that the 96 Overall rated Jefferson is one of the most dynamic receivers in the entire game.

Brian O’Neill and Christian Darrisaw are great offensive tackles who can protect Cousins and open up holes for outside rushing plays. But what makes the Vikings so useful in Madden 23 is their exceptional linebacker unit. Za’Darius Smith and Danielle Hunter are both 87 Overall, so it’s really easy to snuff out the run with this hard-hitting group of linebackers.

9. Miami Dolphins

[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (2)Miami is home to the fastest and most electric group of players in the game.

The Dolphins have one of the highest-flying offenses in the NFL, so you might be wondering why they aren’t further up on this list. Well, they just aren’t very good on the defensive end. Despite rostering the best offensive weapon in the game, the Dolphins are a truly one-sided team.

Thanks to a dynamic receiving core and speedy backfield, Miami has multiple players who threaten to break off big plays. And Tyreek Hill is quite literally the fastest player in all of Madden 23. You heard that right. Even if 83-rated Tua Tagovailoa underthrows every single pass, Tyreek is more than capable of torching secondaries.

Mix in an 88-rated receiver Jaylen Waddle and you’ll find it easier than ever to score multiple times a game. Raheem Mostert is also an explosive option at running back, so having a 92-rated left tackle in Terron Armstead makes a world of a difference.

Miami’s biggest weakness is unquestionably their defensive unit. Yet they sport a fearsome cornerback duo in 85-rated Xavien Howard and 87 Overall Byron Jones. Christian Wilkins commands the defensive front and receives some help in the run game thanks to second-year pro Jaelan Phillips.

Overall, the Dolphins have an elite passing attack that makes up for their below-average run defense. Let the ball fly deep downfield and enjoy racking up tons of big play touchdowns.

8. Los Angeles Rams

[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (3)Los Angeles makes the top-10 due to its dominant defensive unit.

The defending Super Bowl LVI champions are a force to be reckoned with in Madden 23. With a stellar, hard-hitting defensive group, the Rams are a very user-friendly team to equip.

It all starts on the defensive end, with 99-rated All-Pro Aaron Donald. After recording a single sack with Donald, his X-Factor ability essentially resets your opponent’s progress toward getting in the zone. He’s a one-man wrecking ball who will rack up the sacks and tackles behind the line of scrimmage.

To make things even tougher on your opponent, they’ll have to throw the ball in the direction of shutdown cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Creating turnovers has never been easier. While Ramsey moved on from Los Angeles in the offseason, he is at the helm of the team’s secondary in Madden 23.

After forcing punts and creating more opportunities for your offense, top-five receiver Cooper Kupp will lead you to the promised land. The 98 Overall rated Super Bowl MVP is a monster in the slot, with game-breaking speed and a safe pair of hands.

Wideout Odell Beckham Jr. is always a deep play threat and Matthew Stafford is a fairly accurate option at the quarterback position. The Rams lean on their passing attack to win games, making them an extremely fun option in Madden 23.

7. Dallas Cowboys

[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (4)

A powerful offensive line and a dynamic duo at running back help the Cowboys control games with ease.

After drafting stud linebacker Micah Parsons, the Cowboys have shifted their identity to become a true defensive powerhouse. Parsons is a freak of nature, earning a 96 Overall rating in just his second year as a pro. He commands Dallas’ pass rush, with the help of defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence.

The Cowboys cause nightmares for opposing quarterbacks, who tend to find themselves under pressure and turn the ball over at will. Factor in Pro Bowler cornerback Trevon Diggs and you’ll find it easier to pick off passes than ever before.

But let’s turn our attention to the offensive side of the ball. Dallas has one of the most overpowered and balanced attacks in Madden 23. Their offensive line is among the best in the NFL, led by 98-rated Zack Martin and 90 Overall Tyron Smith.

Establish the run early and often with running back duo Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard. Open up passing lanes and play action opportunities by pounding the rock behind a powerful offensive line. Pollard is a workhorse RB who can carry this offense to the promised land.

Dak Prescott may not be the greatest QB option out there. But his ability to extend plays with his legs and deliver accurate strikes is second to none. 88 Overall CeeDee Lamb has blossomed into a top receiver and consistent target for Prescott. The Cowboys are a very well-balanced side that has few weaknesses throughout their roster.

6. Baltimore Ravens

[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (5)Speedy quarterback Lamar Jackson leads the way for Baltimore.

The Ravens have an incredibly creative offense, led by dual-threat quarterback Lamar Jackson. Jackson is the quickest QB in Madden 23, making him impossible to contain. Baltimore’s unique playbook hosts numerous designed QB runs and RPO plays that are sure to confuse your opponent.

Jackson’s best pass catcher is none other than 95 Overall Mark Andrews. The 6-foot-5 tight end is a lethal red-zone threat and short-yardage maniac. The Ravens’ are thin at receiver, so you can rely on Andrews to consistently pick up first downs.

Their fully loaded secondary makes them a fearsome defense, led by 93 Overall Marlon Humphrey. Paired up alongside Humphrey are the shifty veteran defensive backs Marcus Peters and Marcus Williams. With so much talent aimed at shutting down the pass, 91-rated middle linebacker Roquan Smith holds down the run game for the Ravens.

Supported by a staunch defensive unit, Lamar Jackson makes Baltimore an appealing and explosive team to use in Madden 23. Use the Ravens if you enjoy dominating on defense and rushing with a flashy QB.

5. San Francisco 49ers

[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (6)The Niners have one of the best rosters in Madden 23, but their lack of an elite QB drops them lower on this list.

The San Francisco 49ers’ defensive unit is off the charts. If you love sacking the quarterback and forcing multiple turnovers per game, look no further than the 49ers.

The 49er roster supports five total X-Factor Superstars and arguably the greatest defense in recent memory. Starting with 97-rated All-Pro Nick Bosa, San Francisco is home to the most well-rounded pass rush in the entire game.

Fred Warner boasts a 96 Overall rating and suits up alongside Dre Greenlaw to form the hardest-hitting linebacker duo you could ever imagine. If it weren’t for a weak starting QB, the Niners would be the number one team in all of Madden 23.

Let’s dive into their multitude of big-play threats on the offensive side of the ball. Starting with running back Christian McCaffrey, the 49ers' run game just cannot be stopped. CMC runs behind 99 Overall Trent Williams, who is the best offensive tackle in Madden.

The passing attack is spearheaded by X-Factor receiving options George Kittle and Deebo Samuel, who can take off for big plays without breaking a sweat. The offense is held back by 77-rated Jimmy Garappolo, but he’s capable enough to find open receivers and rack up touchdowns in bunches.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (7)Mahomes pairs up with Travis Kelce to form one of the most lethal passing attacks in the game.

Patrick Mahomes is undoubtedly the best quarterback in Madden 23, but the departure of Tyreek Hill reduces the excitement of this dynamic offense. Regardless, 99 Overall tight end Travis Kelce is a sure-handed red zone threat, who is always on the same page as his QB.

Mahomes sits behind a group of top-notch pass protectors, headed by a pair of 89-rated linemen in Creed Humphrey and Joe Thuney. While his wide receivers aren’t the most reliable, Kadarius Toney and Skyy Moore have the speed to breeze past their defenders and score touchdowns.

The Chiefs' passing attack is as deadly as they come. But their defensive unit is good enough to close out games and get big stops when called upon. Chris Jones is a 96-rated defensive tackle, who is equipped with an X-Factor Superstar ability. But outside of Jones and middle linebacker Nick Bolton, Kansas City is relatively average at shutting down the run.

Use the Chiefs if you prefer to play in close, high-scoring contests. Even if the defense lets you down, Mahomes is capable of extending the lead and scoring massive one-play touchdowns.

3. Buffalo Bills

[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (8)With four total X-Factor Superstars, the Bills are a top-3 team in Madden 23.

Josh Allen is the ultimate dual-threat quarterback, yet he’s had a lot of trouble with turning the ball over in the NFL. You definitely won’t have that issue in Madden 23, as the 93-rated QB boasts a ridiculous 99 Throw Power and 96 Throw on the Run.

The Bills passing attack is anything but lacking in pass catchers. 97 Overall Stefon Diggs lines up alongside Gabe Davis and Dawson Knox, who are big-bodied weapons that dominate in the red zone. Their run game is definitely on the weaker side, but Buffalo’s playbook contains several designed QB run plays to make up for a subpar group of running backs.

Buffalo is another team containing four X-Factor Superstars, with two on either side of the ball. Veteran edge rusher Von Miller and ballhawk cornerback Tre’Davious White lead one of the best defensive squads in Madden 23.

Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde are two defensive masterminds who form the best safety duo in the NFL. Both Hyde and Poyer have Superstar abilities that help shut down the pass and ensure that nothing gets past them.

The Bills are equally dominant on both offense and defense. So it’s relatively easy to blow out your opponent and throw for record-breaking numbers.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (9)The Eagles seem to have no weaknesses on their star-studded roster.

Despite falling short to the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, the Eagles are the most potent offense in Madden 23. With 87-rated Jalen Hurts at the helm, Philadelphia’s offensive scheme is almost impossible to stop. Hurts can beat you with his legs or his arm, so defenses are constantly second-guessing themselves and making mistakes.

Hurts relies on a cornucopia of weapons to move the chains and rack up points. 91 Overall A.J. Brown and 87 rated Devonta Smith form an outstanding receiving unit that is both quick and reliable.

Let’s not forget that the Eagles have the number-one offensive line unit in the entire league. Headed by 95 Overall right tackle Lane Johnson and 93-rated center Jason Kelce, Jalen Hurts has all the time in the world to find an open receiver.

Enough talk about Philly’s dynamic offense. The Eagles’ defense is stacked. Darius “Big Play” Slay comes in at 93 Overall and is accompanied by 90-rated stud linebacker Hassan Reddick. Slay’s X-Factor ability ensures that your secondary is secured, while Reddick and company rush the QB with vigor.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (10)Tom Brady commands a loaded roster, full of talent on both ends of the ball.

Since Madden 23 is the last game to have the G.O.A.T. on an active roster, what else did you expect? That alone should be more than enough to put the Buccaneers at the number one spot.

While Tom Brady may have looked like a shadow of his former self last season, he’s a 90-rated quarterback with a powerful offensive line and two of the best wide receivers in the game. Mike Evans has an extremely overpowered X-Factor ability. And when you pair it with Brady’s ability, you get a truly unstoppable offense.

Brady might be the slowest starting QB in Madden, but his deadeye accuracy makes up for his lack of speed. Tampa has an elite group of pass protectors, headed by Tristan Wirfs, Shaq Mason, and Ryan Jensen.

The Buccaneers have 2 Superstars and 2 X-Factors on offense, with two additional stars on defense. 346-pound tackle Vita Vea is simply a force to be reckoned with. With his massive frame, Vea can single-handedly shut down the run. But he receives some help from 91-rated linebacker Lavonte David.

Tampa’s secondary is stacked with lockdown corners and hard-hitting safeties, who are more than capable of forcing turnovers. Use the Buccaneers for the nostalgia of Tom Brady, or if you want to see your opponent rage quit in a matter of minutes.

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[Top 10] Madden 23 Best Teams (Ranked) (2024)


Who is ranked number 1 in Madden 23? ›

Jalen Ramsey may have lost his 99 Club membership (for now), but he remains in the top spot in Madden for the second straight year with a 98 overall rating.

What is the highest rated Madden team? ›

Madden 24 complete team ratings list
  • 1 Kansas City Chiefs 92.
  • 2 Philadelphia Eagles 91.
  • 3 Buffalo Bills 90.
  • 4 Cincinnati Bengals 89.
  • 5 Dallas Cowboys 88.
  • 6= Baltimore Ravens 87.
  • 6= Cleveland Browns 87.
  • 8= San Francisco 49ers 86.
Mar 11, 2024

What team in Madden 23 has the best defense? ›

#1 - Los Angeles Rams

Like their city, the Rams will settle for nothing less than big stars, especially on defense. Defensive tackle Aaron Donald is a member of the prestigious 99 Club, while Jalen Ramsey is the game's best cornerback with a 98 rating.

Who is the strongest player in Madden 23? ›

The strongest players in the game

Donald remains the strongest player in the game -- as it should be. Behind Donald there has been some change. Williams, with his 99 overall rating, moves into the top five and Vea jumped from a 97 to a 98. Nelson, one of the best and strongest out there, remained at a 97.

Has anyone been rated 100 in Madden? ›

For two years there were players who were given a 100 overall rating, but Madden quickly took that feature out. The only players to be named to the 100 Club were Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Shannon Sharpe, Mark Chmura, Tony Boselli, Mike Alstott and Deion Sanders spread out form Madden 1999 and Madden 2000.

What is the lowest rated team in Madden 23? ›

There are five teams that look like ones to avoid. The Texans are the worst team in the game, with the Giants coming in just one point ahead of them overall. The Seahawks rank third-worst, while the Jaguars and Falcons are tied for the fourth-worst teams.

Who is the greatest Madden player? ›

Eric "Problem" Wright of the USA is widely considered to be the greatest Madden player of all time and has the victories to prove it.

What team has the best run offense in Madden 23? ›

The best-balanced playbook is simply one that has a solid mixture of rushing and passing schemes that can be of use to most offenses.
  • Best rushing playbook: Baltimore Ravens. ...
  • Best passing playbook: Kansas City Chiefs. ...
  • Best balanced playbook: New England Patriots/Oakland Raiders.
Sep 1, 2022

What is the funnest position to play in Madden 23? ›

Running Back

So far, we've had the most fun playing RB in Face of the Franchise mode. If you choose a team with a solid QB, you should be well on your way to the 99 Club. The gameplay is also more fun as an RB. You can run routes in the passing game and pound the rock in the running game.

What is the ultimate team in Madden 23? ›

WHAT IS ULTIMATE TEAM. Build your dream team by playing games and earning new players. Every NFL player gets a player item with a skill rating (OVR) but upgraded items are released all season. Play solo or online games and complete Challenges, Sets, and Missions to earn Coins and Packs.

Who is the best player to play with in Madden 23? ›

Top 10 Highest Rated Madden 23 Players
  • Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns, HB — 98 OVR.
  • Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams, WR — 98 OVR.
  • Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs, TE — 98 OVR.
  • Zach Martin, Dallas Cowboys, OG — 98 OVR.
  • Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs, QB — 97 OVR.
  • Tyreek Hill, Miami Dolphins, WR — 97 OVR.
Jun 23, 2023

What is the best offense in Madden 23? ›

Rams playbook may be the most complete offensive playbook in the game. Their singleback is loaded with 15 formations including a few formations that are usually good like Y trips, duece close and wing flex close.

Who is the highest rated center in Madden 23? ›

Madden 23's best center is Corey Linsday (San Diego Chargers, 91), while its top right tackle is Lane Johnson (Philadelphia Eagles, 92).

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