JCPenney Launches New Home Collection with The Novogratz | JCPenney Newsroom (2024)

The Back to Everything collection features a curated selection of furniture, decor, and exclusive bedding and rugs with a contemporary twist

LEWISVILLE, Texas (Sept. 16, 2021) – Design superstars The Novogratz and JCPenney have teamed up to launch the Back to Everything collection – an uplifting assortment of modern and functional furniture, lighting, wallpaper, bedding, and rugs available for a limited time in select JCPenney stores and online at on Sept. 23. The collection celebrates the return to happier times exuded through bold prints and bright colors.

“We love creating elevated yet accessible designs and have found the perfect partner in JCPenney to kick off a new line of exclusive bedding and rugs with a curated selection of our favorite decor and furniture,” said Robert and Cortney Novogratz. “Happiness starts at home, and this collection is about optimism and creating an inspiring sanctuary for ourselves until we can return to friends, date nights, school, and travel with enthusiasm.” Renowned for their eclectic designs, Robert and Cortney Novogratz took inspiration from the pair’s renovation of a 200-year-old historic home in Greenwich Village giving a nod to the vibrant vintage touches they discovered within the home’s layers.

Roughly 76% of homeowners in the United States have carried out at least one home improvement project since the start of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As consumers continue to put focus on refreshing their homes, this collection offers JCPenney customers a well-designed, inspiring option for their interiors at affordable prices. All of the bedding is 100% cotton, made with premiere quality textiles that include OEKO-TEX® and MADE IN GREEN® certifications.

“The launch of the Back to Everything collection at JCPenney offers the distinctive style that The Novogratz is known for at the value JCPenney customers expect. We’re proud to cultivate a well-rounded assortment of home goods that our customers will be excited to shop while taking steps to improve the sustainability of our offerings,” said Kevin McGhee, vice president, divisional merchandise manager, home, JCPenney.

The Back to Everything collection is the newest addition to the retailer’s growing home portfolio of private and national brands. JCPenney has introduced or relaunched several significant home brands in the last 15 months, including Linden Street, Fieldcrest®, Liz Claiborne®, Loom + Forge, and Home Expressions®, reaffirming its position as a leading home destination.

JCPenney Corporate Communications:

About JCPenney:
JCPenney proudly serves customers at more than 650 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico, and at the Company’s flagship store, JCPenney is one of the nation’s largest retailers of apparel, home, jewelry, and beauty merchandise with a growing portfolio of private and national brands. Guided by the Golden Rule, JCPenney employs more than 60,000 associates worldwide and has served customers for over 119 years, playing a vital role in the communities it serves. For additional information, please visit and follow JCPenney on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About The Novogratz
Robert and Cortney Novogratz, well-known and beloved designers and parents of seven children, are known for their eclectic style and the way they mix high and low items together. They have an eye for curating art to match every project aesthetic.

Re-creating from the ground up, across the country in residential, retail and hotels are among their oeuvres. They have been widely covered by global media for over a decade, having starred in TV shows on Bravo and HGTV, for their eponymous line of furniture and home decor products, which feature “boutique designs at affordable prices”, and their recently published design bible, Novogratz: Design Fix (Rizzoli).

Their products (furniture, rugs, lighting, textiles and more) are sold at

The Novogratz have had many celebrated collaborations, including the most recent outdoor capsule collection with @SJPCollection, and new designs for Tempaper, working with the fabulous artist and creative director Donald Robertson(@Drawbertson), on two recent issues, Zebras in Love and Lips. Exciting new collabs are due for the new year.

Robert and Cortney are working on two major home projects, the iconic Pink House in Greenwich Village in New York, NY and the “Bird House,” another super-star project located on the much-coveted Bird Streets of Los Angeles. Both will be completed toward the last quarter of the year.

Instagram: @TheNovogratz
Visit Online:

The Novogratz PR
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JCPenney Launches New Home Collection with The Novogratz | JCPenney Newsroom (2024)
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