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[ ♪♪ ] >> unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. join me again tomorrow as i fill in for sean. greg gutfeld is next. have a great night, everyone. [ ♪♪ ] [ cheering and applause ]

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[ ♪♪ ] [ ♪♪ ] [ cheering and applause ] >> greg: well, i guess that will do. [ laughter ] happy monday, everyone. jill biden appeared on the july cover of "vogue." meanwhile, joe biden appeared on the cover of morgue. [ laughter ] president biden's total and utter collapse at thursday's debate has party officials making some big changes including replacing his three-word slogan from build back better to do not resuscitate. [ laughter ] a cnn report says biden's debate performance was so bad that at a hollywood watch party rob reiner was screaming and jane fonda was crying. are you sure they weren't having

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sex? [ laughter ] during a fundraiser on saturday, biden reportedly needed a teleprompter for 5-minute remarks. here's what was in the teleprompter... [ laughter ] this is going to go on for five months. in a recent piece white house aides told axios that from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., he is dependably engaged and he asks that terrorists who wish to attack call back in regular business hours. one of the strongest voices imploring him not to drop out is his son hunter. that way joe will stay alive longer, and hunter won't need to bang jill. [ some applause ]

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thank you. thank you. [ laughter ] and joy reid equated voting for trump instead of biden to eating a pile of poo. which begs the question... how would she know? it explains the grin. all right, all right, all right. i don't need your applause! [ laughter ] let's do a monolog. "the new york times" editorial board has called for biden to drop out. now, when "the times" asks a democratic president to step aside, what happens? well, donors are fleeing like the follicles on jesse waters' head. now, some dems are still clinging to the sinking ship and you shouldn't be surprised. you can't yell "women and children first" if you can't define either but we have no sympathy and we'll even enjoy

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some shadenfreud which is a german word suck it, douchbags! the media wasn't panicked when they saw biden on thursday. they panicked 'cause you saw it. of course republicans had this nailed years ago. if dems only listened to their friends in khakis whose handicaps only per contain to golf. meanwhile, alex thompson at axios claims reporters were gaslit over joe's decline. by whom? presubmitting questions for biden's press conferences should have tipped them off. seeing him falling down a couple of times a week with your own eyes wasn't enough to clue you in? the fake republican on "the view" was told she's duped. >> i was genuinely in shock last

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night watching this. it was stunningly worse than i expected. >> greg: i actually believe she could be that stupid. [ laughter ] she's genuinely shocked? i'd say she's just another pretty face but then joy might eat it. [ laughter ] it speaks more to these hacks' complicity than these abilities that they maintain the deception. a paleontologist would have helped. of course as the media feigns outrage they still loathe trump. they cry in unison, he lies as if it's as bad as joe's dementia. i've got to hand it to joe, with dementia he still managed to lie 16 times in one sentence by claiming no troops were lost during his presidency. but that pales compared to the entire gaslighting of the american public. perhaps the greatest hoax in recent history, a hoax that's now been exposed to millions of people. so what of trump's lies?

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let's dispense with that silliness for once and for all. trump's lies are hyperbole. biden's are harmful. what world does trump come from? real estate. what does he sound like? a real estate ad where everything is hyperbole, stunning views, breathtaking ceilings, ample storage, endsless amenities! what's it sound like? trump, he's a walking, talking real estate ad. hyperbole is the life's blood and it's all an effort to create a spectrum upon which to negotiate. so you'll read that a new york apartment is a spacious one bedroom. you get there, it's 400 square feet and the fire escape doubles as your bathroom. when they say the home has good bones with lots of character, it means the owner was found dead in the basem*nt. [ laughter ] cozy? cozy and charming? that means it's tiny and nothing

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works much like keith oberman's penis. in real estate they say location, location, location. in biden's case, that's what his handlers say when he starts wandering off a stage. but you see how trump's verbosity is merely real estate lingo. the fibs are easily debunked harm by your own experience. that's how trump works with crowds, his popularity or golf game. trump's lies are harmless but directionally true, but joe and his party, those lies are big. they cause division, lead people to being jailed, and countries to war. the fine people hoax, the end of democracy. these people are deplorable racists, dictator from day one. crime is down. illegal immigration is a myth. inflation is a myth. these are all lies that lead to national harm. biden even opened the debate

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with the injecting bleach b.s. with the way joe sounded, maybe he was making a request. then there's the ultimate lie that joe is in charge. it's an exposed lie that now puts us in the crosshairs with china, iran, and russia and radicals everywhere. they've known this for some time because they don't watch msnbc but the media played along because they prefer a headless white house exploiteded by a band of progressive interests instead of actual democracy. so with trump everything's amazing. the best ever. the biggest ever. unbelievable. yeah, unbelievable, but understandable because you get the lingo. if you don't, you'd have never bought a house. if joe biden wins, you could end up buying the farm. let's welcome tonight's guest! when he wears a turtleneck, he looks like roll-on deodorant. comedian jim norton! he's a loquacious brit who is

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physically fit. new york post columnist and best-selling author douglas murray! [ applause ] she's like july in new york, hot, loud, and there's always fireworks. "new york times" best selling author! and when he's at the beach, the tide's afraid to come in. "new york times" best selling author... [ cheering and applause ] jim, i know you as an astute political observer going back decades, back when you were a professor at rutgers and then a scholar at harvard. you weren't shocked by this debate, were you. >> not at all, and i was fired from both jobs. >> greg: okay! >> lying about my credentials. >> apparently got to graduate high school! >> the debate, did you see it? >> greg: of course.

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>> i don't think biden looked good. >> greg: you think so? >> and his wife is coming off like a stage mother from the 1930s, rushing him out there. he was just predictably terrible. no one shocked. again, it's like watching -- the whole country is in a play. nobody is surprised. everybody knows he's lost his mind. but the next day he actually had energy. if you saw the next day, oh, okay, there are times where he is capable of it, but it's too late. that's like if i go out... i'm very impactful when i speak! that's funny that the book just kind of fell over. like going out with a woman and not being able to get it up and the next day i text her a photo of my erection. it's too late. it's too late. and that's not a random example, by the way. >> greg: that's like after o.j. killing his wife, the next day he was really nice at brunch!

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and he brought his own knife! [ some applause ] douglas, douglas, douglas, i was wondering all through the day, i wonder what you were thinking. you're from another country. some call it england. what did you gain from this? were you a little bit angry that, like, for a lot of people this is the first time they ever found out he had dementia? >> yeah, of course. it's maddening because we all know this. we've commented on it for years. everyone can see it. you can look at the 2019 debates versus this one. you can see it absolutely clearly. it's a different biden in four years. everybody could see that. i'm fascinated by a poll that fox had today that 11% of the people watching thought that joe biden did best. so that 11% also needs psychiatric help. >> greg: yes. >> i'm very interested to know what it is they saw in that performance that gave them such

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reassurance. it actually went to prove something i said for a long time which was the best way for trump to win this debate was to allow biden to speak. >> greg: right. >> just to allow him to speak. last time, the first debate, he dropped it a lot. this time, just let him speak and sure enough, joe goes rambling on about all sorts of stuff. he killed medicare. that was great. that was a highlight. i love that. >> greg: i liked that trump kind of pulled back and wasn't cruel. he only made one point where he goes i don't know what he's saying and i don't think he does. [ laughter ] and then after that it was like, you know what, it's kinda like if trump had just stopped and said we see what's going on here. can we just maybe call it at half, you know? >> didn't you love dr. jill biden. if you were on a plane and

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somebody was ill, is there a doctor? >> greg: with her degree in education. >> dr. jill, the rally afterwards where she praised him and said you answered every question, and he was standing there looking like he was going to get ice cream. >> greg: it was so sad. cat, i haven't talked to you about this. you were gone on friday. give me your thought. do you believe that people were actually shocked or they're angry that everybody knows? >> so watching the debate, the thing that i was thinking about the most was my own mortality. [ laughter ] which i don't feel like that should be my answer. i don't feel like you should be watching the debate where it's, okay, which one is going to be the leader of the free world and i'm just, like, i'm going to die some day. and it's going to creep up -- that should not be the overwhelming thing that i'm thinking about. and the whole thing where it's like he is good from 10 a.m. to

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4 p.m. i'm, like, get him on some extended release then because this is not okay. i wasn't shocked by it. i think, though, that many people were because the videos that we see, the falling down or whatever, we play those on this channel. i've talked to friends who don't watch this channel who i'll just mention something, they don't know what i'm talking about when i say oil cancer. they saw it then because everybody -- not everybody, but people from various political persuasions were watching this, and that may very well have been the first time some people saw this. >> greg: it's like you have an old friend from college named gary and you haven't seen him for a couple years and he says, hey, greg, and his name is now grace. you've been far away. you've been apart from them forever. what just happened! that's what happened. people don't tune in.

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tyrus, when i saw you on friday, you were recovering. >> yeah, from those scotch. i was a mess. my face was swollen. people were writing on twitter that they thought i had a stroke on tv and i didn't. my own family started digging a ditch because apparently they figured out if i die and they bury me, they don't have to pay property taxes. there was a lot of things going on there. all joking aside, we have to stop playing these [bleep] games. this isn't gaslighting. this isn't who is shocked. we should be pissed. the american people should be pissed. fox should be running the comments from joe and every one of these so-called journalists that look the american people in the eye and lie to them. they benefited from it. they profited from it because fox could not get an interview with president biden and anyone within his staff because they tried. it wasn't happening. they had a deal. we'll push this through because

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we're martyrs. the american people are stupid. they don't have the right to vote for who they want to. we'll decide for 'em. joe's our guy. they knew he couldn't walk down the street without falling over four times. they knew all of it. they planned around it. it's not dr. jill. it's madam president because she's running underneath. she thinks she's doing some amazing thing for people? no. this is treasonous. they sold the american people a bill of lies and kept going, and the only ones who -- were the only ones not in on it. we know vance wasn't in on it. as soon as they went to commercial he had to come back and apologize for what he said as the truth. so we should stop going, like, okay, gaslighting. no. this is treason, period. they've stole an election from us because we had an unfit person and none of them did their duty. none of them.

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>> greg: exactly. [ cheering and applause ] we're not done! we're not done. up next, joe's approval dropped but can kamala be swapped? >> if you're in the new york area and would like to see "gutfeld!" click on the link to join our studio audience. that can deliver remission and visibly improve damage of the intestinal lining. serious allergic reactions and an increased risk of infections or a lower ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, had a vaccine or plan to. liver problems may occur in crohn's disease. control of crohn's means everything to me. ask your gastroenterologist about skyrizi. ♪ control is everything to me. ♪ learn how abbvie could help you save.

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♪ it's coming your way ♪ ♪ it's video of the day ♪ >> greg: if they swap out joe, where will kamala go? and what democrat trick can replace their diversity pick? dems know biden is fading faster than blue jeans in a bucket of bleach, but if they replace him,

7:22 pm

what do you do with kamala harris? she's about as helpful to democrats as she is to the english language, but it's really a question of what can be unburdened by what has been. >> we see what can be unburdened by what has been. to see what can be unburdened by what has been. believing in what can be unburdened by what has been. what can be unburdened by what has been. what can be unburdened by what has been. what can be unburdened by what has been. having faith in what can be unburdened by what has been. see what can be unburdened by what has been. to see what can be unburdened by what has been. >> greg: you know, if kamala gets dementia, it would be an improvement. [ laughter ] [ applause ]

7:23 pm

douglas, what are they going to do? i was asking, i could not get the answer. she's the first black female v.p. if they pass her over with a gavin newsom, you can't do that. this is a dei world. >> if you live by dei, you die by dei. if you say we're going to select somebody because they're from 7% of the population, then you're stuck with that idea. i find it excruciating, that clip. it's not until the last few days i realize how many times she said that phrase. she says it all the time as if it's very wise. [ laughter ] one of the ways you can tell that it's not wise is that nobody else has said it. >> greg: it's true! >> it's like a catch phrase no one else has picked up on. >> greg: and she's trying to get it picked up! if i say it, somebody's going to start doing it!

7:24 pm

>> and yet strangely they haven't. but she's going to be tricky to push aside. i expect a democrat last year who was sure they were going to have to end up putting her on the supreme court as the only way to sort of push her to the side. but i don't know how they do that without running out of weeks. >> greg: that's actually a good move. >> except we're stuck with her for life. >> greg: it's true. kat, you know what nobody talks about is the arm movements that she does when she says -- we're so concentrating on the words. she's like, whaaa! i bet you could do that with your super-freakishly long arms. >> they are freakishly long for my size. my mom thinks ritalin stunted my growth. i'm like, i didn't obtain that alone! anyway, enough about me. you're a very smart person, right, douglas, and it's your job to ask the questions, but

7:25 pm

what does it mean to be unburdened by what has been? she says it a lot and she says it emphatically but i don't think that means it means anything. >> but, to really understand her thought you have to go to the other thought which is the disquisition on the nature of time. when you understand that what is past is past and we're in the present and we're not yet in the future, then it all becomes clear. >> right. because, listen, i get, like, wanting to keep doing something that works. like, if you have a hit, you've got to keep throwing it out there. but it doesn't seem to mean anything. >> no. >> every time she says it, she's, like, oh, i ate with that one! her brain must be a very nice place to live, though. i really wish mine was more like that. >> greg: she's having a good time, that's for sure, on our dime. she's obviously not working,

7:26 pm

tyrus. >> how do we know kamala harris is this bad? maybe their issue is they're afraid she'll get in charge and not let them run their little program they've been running. >> greg: ooh! >> i think we need to take a pause and look at everything that's come out of there and understand all they want to do is maintain power and push, what, their progressive propaganda and narratives that kamala, who is strict on crime, probably wouldn't go for. more so, she probably -- you don't have to be a black woman, any woman is not going to have a bunch of men in office tell her what to do and how to govern and lead this country. >> greg: this is an interesting theory! >> i would rather have a competent, dumb kamala as president because at least i know where it's coming from. we don't know where these decisions are coming from and they're not coming from her

7:27 pm

because they blackballed her and they have designated her the fall guy for all their [bleep]. we need to take a step back from kamala and look -- because it's not coming from the right. it's coming from the left. so their problem isn't kamala. their problem is that they're corrupt, treasonous and they're trying to fool the american people, period. >> greg: interesting theory! [ applause ] and they kind of use kamala as an insurance policy for you to make sure that joe's okay. it's like you don't want to go anyway. jim? >> yes. >> greg: you dated kamala back in the early '80s. >> no. we hooked up after a hallowe'en party. [ laughter ] >> greg: so the black face paid off! >> hey! hey, he was an amazing montell williams! >> yes.

7:28 pm

unfortunately as soon as my pants came off she realized it was all makeup. here's the problem with kamala harris, she's a dud. she's a dud. she's not stupid. she's not stupid at all but she has the charisma of a bed pan. people don't enjoy listening to her. she's not a likable person. they have to stop doing this thing when they speak, and i mean like a lot of women who are running for office. stop trying to sound powerful and meaningful! it's annoying and stop repeating -- amy did the same thing with that stupid trump joke. let's see how your hair fares in a blizzard! and there are people who are not comfortable in front of a live audience so they try to move -- they get a reaction one time and they try to do it every time and it just doesn't work. they will probably have her run for president and then have gavin newsom as vice president

7:29 pm

because he'll be seen as the guy who has got political experience. he's been seen as the guy who was the governor of a major state. again, i don't think they boot her out. even if she wasn't a black woman. as his vice president, it's such a bad look to put someone else over her. >> greg: interesting. because they're both from california. i don't know. well, we'll think about it some more because we've got to go to a break. up next, the world thinks you're second rate after seeing joe debate. the co*ckroach. resilient creatures. true miracles of evolution. where there is one, others aren't far behind.

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>> greg: the world knows we're weak cats! "the new york times" frets over america's image on the world stage, and "the wall street journal" reveals that european officials at the g7, yes, that g7, knew that biden was deteriorating and expressed concern. what say you? kat timpf? >> honestly, i understand the right to be concerned, but, like, we pay for all their [bleep]. >> greg: yes. >> so they can, like, take the judgment elsewhere quite honestly. i mean, if europe doesn't think things aren't going well, don't take our money then. >> greg: interesting. >> i understand that people think it's like a national security risk, which i can understand where that comes from. i guess i'm just not that worried about getting terroristed.

7:35 pm

[ laughter ] i'm not. the statistics show i'm much more likely to die of internal illness in a hospital. i'm always looking on the bright side! >> greg: good for you! tyrus... [ laughter ] >> i'm serious! the statistics for getting cancer, way worse. >> greg: i know. that's true, that's true. the president isn't around 16 hours a day. our adversaries know this now. are you worried that at any moment something could happen? >> no. i mean, at this point it just... >> so you're down with getting terroristed! >> just make sure you do it between 8 a.m. and 7, you know. the world thinks -- the world has been cashing in on this. but, again, when the world

7:36 pm

leaders -- they're still afraid of us because if they weren't they'd be telling us who's running the country. they'd be saying things like i've never spoken to president biden unless it was through somebody else or i'm getting his stuff in letters or e-mails. there's no way that president biden is sitting down and having talks with these other leaders just on the phone shooting the... no, i think you're going to do it this way and that way. they talked about all of trump's lies. look at biden when trump is talking. he found surprising new truths. so you know this guy is not negotiating for us. again, it comes back to the whole thing... who is it. they've obviously made a lot of threats but they've also given passes and we've seen the aggressiveness on other sides. we see the support in this country for groups that were never supported before. so we're starting to see who is running it. now they've got to get him across the line in november. then you'll have this big reveal party. then they'll make moves but they need to get it in. >> greg: you know, jim, as a

7:37 pm

consummate crisis consultant, helped salvage many a career and image, are we in danger? what advice would you give america? >> i would say stop convincing ourselves that we're weak and be honest. we're cowardly. the thing is we're so afraid of losing that we would allow -- and trump is much more coherent than biden but we have accepted the fact that an 81-year-old and a 78-year-old are the two choices we have because we're cowardly. we're so afraid of losing that he's got to win! that's all it's about. we don't develop younger politicians that have visions. we prop these two guys up because we're terrified of losing and then we feel sorry for ourselves, and it's irritating. it's annoying. we did it to ourselves. if we had any balls, we tried it with trump and we tried it with biden.

7:38 pm

let's give two new guys and give them a shot. but no, let's sit around and whinge about it. >> greg: douglas, what say you? >> i would say that most members of the american public watching that debate the other night would agree -- if joe was their father, they would take away the car keys, okay? now, if it's somebody you wouldn't give the car keys to, why would you give them the world's largest nuclear arsenal? >> greg: i would take away his house keys! >> yeah. and then he would come and stay at yours. what? i think it is serious. the chinese media, among others, had a great time about the debate. they're saying this shows why democracy doesn't work and so on. actually, it does look terrible for democracy these two guys arguing about their golf scores. i do think that if you look at -- tyrus referred to are we taken seriously and does the world fear america and all that sort of thing. i don't think that an american journalist would be currently

7:39 pm

sitting in a cell in moscow or american hostages would currently be sitting in gaza if the world feared america. >> greg: that's a great point. excellent, mr. murray. always brings the point home! that's why we have him here. also he looks great in a jacket. [ laughter ] coming up, with joe barely alive, will they use amendment 25? [ applause ]

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[ applause ] >> greg: now that the world knows biden's barely alive, is it time for amendment 25? remember the good old days when media hacks would call for the 25th amendment every time trump sneezed? >> what exactly would have to happen to invoke the 25th

7:44 pm

amendment in this country? >> if he's crazy and incompetent and stupid we have to look at the 25th amendment. >> people in the president's circle have brought up discussions about the 25th amendment. >> the cabinet should convene immediately to discuss the 25th amendment. >> this is 25th amendment kind of stuff. >> to invoke the 25th amendment... >> the whisper campaign over the 25th amendment. >> there is the 25th amendment. >> maybe we should consider the 25th amendment. >> the 25th amendment. >> the 25th amendment. >> the 25th amendment. >> greg: yeah. you think those same people would say it after joe's debate disaster when it's painfully clear joe needs to be removed asap but they haven't. meanwhile, this was joe's face just the day after the debate. look at that. i mean, where is the 25th amendment when you need it? it looks like he thought it was a fart. [ laughter ] god, that was a walk down memory lane, huh, tyrus?

7:45 pm

>> not for him! [ laughter ] >> greg: he never has to walk... >> a short walk! [ laughter ] like every day is a brand new hello! >> greg: it's true. you never have a bad day because... >> no. here's the thing, they always say, you know, shake it off or forget it and he does that at a high level. he'll be fine. but, again, who is speaking? who is doing the speaking? dr. jill. she's no longer, like, huddled quietly in front of the things, both hands are on the stuff. she's dropping this, looking at him and he knows where he's supposed to stand, right next to the pretty old lady. he's lost his... but, again, it goes back to we're now starting to see the roots of all of this. we need to keep pushing and prying and just nonstop

7:46 pm

questions, follow-up questions. this is the time for journalists to be journalists, to earn the pad and pencil. to not -- whenever jpk decides to stroll back in the dei press conference and say, hey, you should start reading back all her quotes about how exciting and electric and how no one can keep up with him in the back, this should be a time for journalists to step up. >> greg: this is an interesting point, jim. journalists always romance the industry. they talk about watergate. they talk about iran contra, and here they are in possibly the biggest story in decades and none of them are interested in it. they would rather camp out in front of the city hall and throw questions at stormy daniels because that's easier. >> and they're all pretending they didn't know and they're like, gee, the white house lied. he has the same look on his face as the wife in "the notebook." i don't even blame people around him. you know how great it is to have

7:47 pm

a boss with dementia? where were you? you told me to take the day off. okeydoke! >> greg: do you have that $20 you owe me? oh, sorry. do you have the $20 you owe me? i'm sorry! [ laughter ] >> oh, we can only wait. >> greg: why are you applauding! douglas, what do you think of that? i hate to use the word hypocrisy because it's so overused but what we saw there was a cascade of hypocrisy. it's a fact that the left wing media in america seem to think their job is to get their guy in. that's all they do. it's purely a matter of how can we make sure that our guy gets in to the white house. we saw this with the last election. we saw this in 2020.

7:48 pm

we can see it now. i don't understand how those people can call themselves journalists. i come from a tradition where famously the relationship between a journalist and a politician was meant to be like that between a dog and a lamppost. the job of the press was to piss all over the politicians. and the idea that instead of that you would be like, no, we've got to cover up the failings everyone can see with our guy so we can get him back in, then become a p.r. guy. work in the white house. do anything else. but not journalism. >> greg: do you think -- should we push for the 25th amendment tomorrow? this guy is not president. >> i think that's probably what it's for, but also why bother? it's not going to happen. unfortunately this is just the way it goes. the two-party system runs on hypocrisy. the answer is not hard to figure out why they were doing it with trump and they're not doing it now. it's because trump is not on their team and biden is on their

7:49 pm

team. that's why i wrote a whole book about this stuff. >> greg: there we go. >> but it's honestly... it is crazy, right? it's absolutely crazy. it's because when you're so devoted to this partisan side and this other side bad and also just by the very virtue of being on the side of automatically better than the people who aren't, it's really hard to let go that of. you don't have to bother to think. this guy is on my bad, this is the good side. the other side is bad. it's hypocritical but hypocrisy implies people are thinking about this stuff and i don't think that they're even bothering to. i think people have lost the ability or desire to think for themselves. >> greg: up next, jill goes rogue in "vogue." now i know the days are long and the rain is falling and it's leaf growing season. but for a moment, i'd like you to think about how you want to spend your weekends this fall - relaxing with family, watching a game, or would you rather be climbing ladders to clean out clogged gutters,

7:50 pm

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7:53 pm

>> five more words! >> greg: jill is on "vogue's" cover. jim, you are a big fan of "vogue." she was on the cover for the july issue. did you get your copy at home or -- >> yes, and i've already soiled it! [ laughter ] >> greg: well, no, it's because when you garden in the backyard you use it for your knees. >> yes, i do.

7:54 pm

it works well in the bathroom when we've run out of paper. >> greg: douglas, doesn't this tell you everything you need to know about the media? it's an encapsulation that i guess melania was never on the cover of "vogue" and she was a model. >> i love the idea that the democrats, the bidens think this is what's going to turn the election. if we can just get the "vogue" readership on side. i make a prediction this is going to be the worst cover. remember when "people" put betty white on the cover but she died before it went out. i think this will be possibly worse than that. >> that was awesome. what a power move! what a power move on betty

7:55 pm

white's part to die before it came out. >> greg: it would be like when christie gnome was on the cover of "dog fancy." >> she can be on outdoors and hunting. >> this cover is why -- we all know why jill was trying to be he did such a great job because she's like, damn it, the timing is awful for my "vogue" cover. >> greg: this is what it's all about is her being on the cover, her being at the parties. she had nothing before she ran in to this guy, this senator, and god knows how that happened. i won't get in to it here. >> we will decide our future again. more hints. it's president dr. jill to all of us. you just received an award for journalism from your college. congratulations. >> thank you. >> every once in a while they get recognized for doing the

7:56 pm

damn job. thank you, kat. it goes back to the thing. this is what biden and the last segment is when you're in bed with the swamp, you can get away with just about everything as long as they're able to do what they want to. when you're against them, that's the 25th amendment, that's the mainstream media and that's the cover. then they go after the magazine that puts you on the cover. that's all this is. she's having her day but no one voted for her. >> greg: jill may not be a doctor but she knows how to operate! we'll be right back! disrupts my skin, night and day. despite treatment, it's still not under control. but now i have rinvoq. a once-daily pill that reduces the itch and helps clear the rash of eczema —fast. some taking rinvoq felt significant itch relief as early as 2 days— and some achieved dramatic skin clearance as early as 2 weeks. many saw clear or almost-clear skin.

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[ applause ] our studio audience [applause] >> trace: good evening and it's

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