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77% Tomatometer 58 Reviews 74% Audience Score 500+ Ratings Set 10 years after Dexter went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, the series finds him living under an assumed name in the small town of Iron Lake, New York. Dexter may be embracing his new life, but in the wake of unexpected events in this close-knit community, his Dark Passenger beckons. Read More Read Less Watch on Fandango at Home Buy Now

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Dexter: New Blood — Season 1

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Anchored by Michael C. Hall's still-compelling portrayal of the title character, Dexter: New Blood helps restore some of the luster lost by the show's contentious finale.

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Dexter: New Blood: Season 1 | Rotten Tomatoes (1) Rebecca Bodenheimer San Francisco Chronicle While it shouldn't be a prerequisite for shows to include lots of contemporary references, it would be nice if this one were a little more surprising. Nov 30, 2021 Full Review Dexter: New Blood: Season 1 | Rotten Tomatoes (2) Michael Idato Sydney Morning Herald If you ever wondered if the reason why Dexter works as a narrative is that Hall effortlessly blends naive innocence with the sociopathic horror of an amoral killer, then Dexter: New Blood is the confirmation of that. Rated: 4/5 Nov 11, 2021 Full Review Dexter: New Blood: Season 1 | Rotten Tomatoes (3) Stuart Heritage Guardian Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I'm all in. Rated: 4/5 Nov 9, 2021 Full Review Dexter: New Blood: Season 1 | Rotten Tomatoes (4) Jenn Adams Rue Morgue Magazine we watched Dexter struggle to hide his true self from the world, convinced that his trauma made him a monster. DEXTER: NEW BLOOD continues this tradition, but argues that human connection, not isolation, is what ultimately heals the wounds of the past. Rated: B+ Feb 18, 2023 Full Review Dexter: New Blood: Season 1 | Rotten Tomatoes (5) Cody Leach Cody Leach (YouTube) It's not rare for a show to disappoint in it's final stretch. It is; however, rare for a show to do it twice. Dexter: New Blood was a 2nd chance to give a satisfying ending and somehow this was even more infuriating as a conclusion to a fantastic show. Rated: 2.5/5 Aug 19, 2022 Full Review Dexter: New Blood: Season 1 | Rotten Tomatoes (6) Bill Chambers Film Freak Central Dexter: New Blood distinguishes itself from its forebear with a certain sophistication, formal and otherwise. May 13, 2022 Full Review Read all reviews

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Audience Member I was a hardcore Dexter fan. One of the greatest shows of all time. I watched every episode when it came out each week on Showtime years ago. I've been watching Michael C. Hall since Six Feet Under on HBO. But great shows seem to never stick the landing(ie. Game of Thrones). I was conflicted with New Blood. It just didn't have the same aura as the original Dexter series. Maybe because it takes place so many years after Dexter left Miami. Anyways it's worth a watch but don't get your hopes up. Rated 3.5/5 Stars • Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 06/23/24 Full Review Audience Member I am a true Dexter fan. And i was glad to see this come out. It is a much more fitting conclusion to the original series and to the characters involved here. The story keeps you interested. The acting is very good. The filming is pretty good. It is a much watch for those who were or are fans of original. While nothing beats the first 5 seasons of the original, this is definitely worth it. Rated 4/5 Stars • Rated 4 out of 5 stars 06/13/24 Full Review Abel T A good show dddddddddd Rated 4.5/5 Stars • Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 07/05/24 Full Review Audience Member Was a good story. Kurt was a great villain in this season and fixing the horrible ending to season 8 this does a great job ending the saga. As good as Harrison was in this season I don’t want to see a Dexter series based on him. It’s ended, it’s over and it was an amazing 9 seasons. Rated 3.5/5 Stars • Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 04/27/24 Full Review Les N I guess the fans were disappointed with the ending to the original Dexter so they made this ghastly show to appease the fans. Rated 0.5/5 Stars • Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 04/17/24 Full Review Gerald H This is an afterthought on ALL Dexter-seasons: while this is a great show with enormous potential, the permanent romantic and sexual love intertwinings and triangles of all the protagonists are incredibly annoying ... sometimes even to a point where I am tempted to stop watching. These continuing new and recurring romances are just disturbing and such they ruin the whole concept for me. Rated 3/5 Stars • Rated 3 out of 5 stars 04/15/24 Full Review Read all reviews

Dexter: New Blood — Season 1

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Cast & Crew

Michael C. Hall Dexter Morgan Clancy Brown Kurt Caldwell Julia Jones Angela Bishop Alano Miller Logan Johnny Sequoyah Audrey Jack Alcott Harrison Morgan
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Episode 1 Aired Nov 7, 2021 Cold Snap For the past decade, Dexter has assimilated into small-town life as a beloved member of the Iron Lake community; when a local hotshot begins behaving recklessly, he questions whether he can continue to suppress the murderous urgings. Details Episode 2 Aired Nov 14, 2021 Storm of F... Dexter's cabin becomes home base when a missing person case turns into a crime scene; Dexter is trying to reunite with his son, Harrison. Details Episode 3 Aired Nov 21, 2021 Smoke Signals The investigation that Dexter has caused is making it difficult for him to make things right with Harrison, who has made a name for himself at school as a member of the wrestling team. Details Episode 4 Aired Nov 28, 2021 H Is for Hero The father of the person whom Dexter killed makes an unexpected announcement; Harrison is considered a hero to the entire town after he was involved in a serious incident at school. Details Episode 5 Aired Dec 5, 2021 Runaway Dexter's method of protecting his son from drugs unleashes his Dark Passenger; Angela and Molly's New York City trip leaves them wondering about a well-respected member of the community. Details Episode 6 Aired Dec 12, 2021 Too Many Tuna Sandwiches Someone has discovered Jim Lindsay's secret identity, leading Dexter to realize that he might not be the only serial killer in town; Harrison spirals out of control during a wrestling match; Angela makes a dark discovery of her own. Details Episode 7 Aired Dec 19, 2021 Skin of Her Teeth Dexter turns from predator to protector out of concern that a serial killer has set its sights on someone he cares deeply about; Angela arrests someone who may be the culprit of a cold case; Harrison turns to a dangerous person as a father figure. Details Episode 8 Aired Dec 26, 2021 Big Game Dexter fights for his life in the woods, leading to a confrontation in an abandoned summer camp; Harrison finds himself torn between two father figures who can lead him down two very different paths; Angela makes some disturbing discoveries. Details Episode 9 Aired Jan 2, 2022 The Family Business Dexter and Harrison find themselves closer than ever over Christmas break, bringing father and son into the crosshairs of a serial killer; Angela starts to wonder if Iron Lake is not the safe place she always thought it was. Details Episode 10 Aired Jan 9, 2022 Sins of the Father Dexter and Harrison try to live a normal life in a place that they have discovered is not as normal as they thought it was. Details

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Dexter: New Blood — Season 1

Dexter: New Blood: Limited Series Featurette - Becoming Dexter Dexter: New Blood: Limited Series Featurette - Becoming Dexter 1:25 Dexter: New Blood: Limited Series Featurette - Michael C. Hall Previews Dexter's Fresh Start Dexter: New Blood: Limited Series Featurette - Michael C. Hall Previews Dexter's Fresh Start 2:10 Dexter: New Blood: Limited Series Sneak Peek Trailer Dexter: New Blood: Limited Series Sneak Peek Trailer 1:19 Dexter: New Blood: Limited Series Teaser - Around Town Dexter: New Blood: Limited Series Teaser - Around Town 0:30 Dexter: New Blood: Limited Series Trailer Dexter: New Blood: Limited Series Trailer 2:20 View more videos


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Dexter: New Blood — Season 1

Dexter: New Blood Dexter: New Blood Dexter: New Blood View more photos

Season Info

Executive Producer
Bill Carraro, Sara Colleton, John Goldwyn, Michael C. Hall, Clyde Phillips, Scott Reynolds, Marcos Siega



Crime, Drama, Mystery & Thriller

Original Language

Release Date
Nov 7, 2021
Dexter: New Blood: Season 1 | Rotten Tomatoes (2024)


Is there a spin-off of Dexter: New Blood? ›

A prequel series titled Dexter: Original Sin is also in development with a straight-to-series order. Depicting the earlier years of Dexter's life, the show will follow his years after college graduation, and his first introduction to various characters from the original series.

Was Dexter: New Blood a one off? ›

Dexter: New Blood will not return for a second season, according to TVLine. There had been interest in a follow-up to the first season of the revival series, which would have seen Harrison continuing his late father's work.

What did people think about the new Dexter? ›

Dexter is one of my favourite series but the series does continue to decline in quality after series 4. The ending to series 8 never felt like a full conclusion. Dexter: New Blood resolves this with a new story which feels modernised while staying true to what the show was and still is.

Who is Dexter Morgan married to in real life? ›

What happened to Hannah in Dexter? ›

However, the now-teenage Harrison tells Dexter that Hannah died of pancreatic cancer. After her death, Harrison was placed into foster care, where he discovered a letter that Dexter sent to Hannah revealing that he is still alive and asking her to keep him away from his son unless he displays "dark tendencies".

Who will play Dexter in Dexter Origins? ›

FAQs: Who will play Dexter in Dexter Origins? Also featured in the Paramount+ Showtime prequel are Patrick Gibson portraying Dexter Morgan and Molly Brown as Debra Morgan.

What is Michael C. Hall doing now? ›

Hall currently sings for the band Princess Goes (formerly Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum) since 2018, alongside Matt Katz-Bohen and Peter Yanowitz. On September 3, 2019, they filmed their first music video for their song, "Ketamine", in Tarrytown, New York.

Who kills Dexter in New Blood? ›

After a moment's hesitation, Harrison shoots Dexter in the chest, and a mortally wounded Dexter tells his son he "did good". As he lies dying, Dexter holds Debra's hand before succumbing to his wounds. Angela arrives at the scene.

Why did Dexter end so abruptly? ›

"It was determined that Dexter must die," Phillips says. "We can't turn Dexter into a superhero getting out of impossible jams every season. It has to end, viscerally and inevitably." The death signifies the first time the psychopath is "feeling love, and it's for his son and that's as human as he's ever been."

Why was Rita written out of Dexter? ›

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dexter executive producer Clyde Phillips explained the decision to kill Rita. "The story evolved and it kind of became inevitable. We knew that we had to do more than kill Trinity," he said.

Why was Dexter's new blood so bad? ›

Some were upset because Dexter died. Others were upset because he didn't go to prison. And many were upset, not because of Dexter's fate, but because of how out of character he acted getting there. It was rushed, with the cunning Dexter making stupid mistake after stupid mistake, and doing things he would never do.

Why did people hate the Dexter ending? ›

The first Dexter ending became polarizing among audiences and critics, primarily due to it throwing away much of the series' character development, while concluding on an ambiguous ending, avoiding whether or not Dexter deserved to pay for his crimes, and rushing the last episode's storyline.

When did Dexter get bad? ›

Summary. Dexter faced a quality decline after season 4, culminating in a famously disappointing series finale in season 8. Season 5 started the downward trend with narrative issues, leading to unsatisfying storylines and character departures.

What mental health diagnosis does Dexter have? ›

Experts who speculate that Dexter fits neatly into a diagnosis of Anti-Social Personality Disorder point to genes. Other psychologists note the traumatic event he endured as a 3-year-old (watching his mother get murdered), and point to PTSD as the underlying cause of his problematic worldview and violent motives.

Does Dexter get found out in season 2? ›

Lila finds Doakes imprisoned in the cabin, and realizes that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher. She ignores his pleas for help, and kills Doakes by setting the cabin on fire. Doakes is found dead, and because the evidence of the Bay Harbor Butcher killings indicates him as the criminal, the case is closed.

Is Dexter coming back in 2024? ›

Dexter (Seasons 1-8) Will Be Making a Comeback to Netflix In the US In June 2024. Dexter becomes the latest Showtime series Netflix has licensed in the states. American Dexter fans! After a three-and-a-half-year absence, Dexter Morgan is set to make his comeback to the streaming giant, Netflix, in June.

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